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Bespoke Database Applications

Art of Data design bespoke database applications specifically for our clients needs.

Our development and technical skills along with our experience allows us to produce database solutions to fit most business needs and criteria.

Companies have always stored information relating to their products and customers in some form of database. However more and more companies are finding that they can save time and money by dynamically enabling their business processes and fully integrated them with their business systems.

We work with you to determine the right solution that best suits your business needs and your budgetary constraints.

A common failing of many businesses is to become reliant on key members of staff who have vast experience in their operating system. Problems arise once they leave your business. We ensure that all systems we develop are simple to use, intuitive and above all cost effective. We have produced many business applications and have a lot of experience in different business sectors.

The database design can allow information to be imported from (and exported to) other systems allowing existing information to be quickly added.

Free Consultation

We will gladly meet you to discuss your needs on how best to develop your database requirements and how it could benefit your company, product or organisation now or in the future.

To view our portfolio, please call Pete Lister 0845 003 1010


artofdata website designer
2 Sheraton Street London W1F 8BH Tel 0845 003 1010 Support Tel Reading (0118) 942 0101
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